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Forge seeks to achieve and sustain excellence in shaping the futures of graduates, this is how we work. Helping you to Join FORGE prepared and ready to take off into dream career. You can also find information about what to do when you join us, as well as available services to you as Forge Member.With Forge in almost every country and profession you can connect to a universal network of Forge Members, Whatever stage you’re at in your journey, we want to help.

How We Do

Career Services

The Career Services Office provides assistance to Alumni seeking employment opportunities. They offer comprehensive services including: Job Fairs,An Employment Information Center,Resume Preparation Assistance

Global Support

As a member of Forge, you are joining a global community of over 6 countries (USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany). This professional and social network provides a support and contacts across these countries, along with the range of groups and resources.


The Forge Career Center Alumnus Resource Network: Your Registration Has a Place for You! The Alumni Resource Network consists of Experts who have volunteered to assist students and Alumni who are seeking information and/or contacts in their career fields.

Professional Development

We support your professional development and a range of continuing education opportunities from renowned institutes, learning advanced courses and technologies from recognized centers to achieve your career growth goals.

Collaboration Opportunities

You will be networking in collaboration with our associates and led by a team of leading professionals and top recruiters in their fields of expertise.

Benefits and Exclusive discounts.

Keep up to date in your fields of interest by taking advantage of the upto 30% membership discount with all our associates and partners.

Get what you want from Career.

No matter what stage you are at in your career exploring new opportunities.We give you access to networking strategies and host career-focused events to approach your career development.

Enabling Entrepreneurs

Our many partners, offer funding support at every stage of your entrepreneurial journey from helping you to test your business idea right through to launch and raising investment.

Membership Benefits

Building and leveraging a strong and active professional network can take your career to a new level.

Our Global Community from around 6 countries gives you the opportunity to expand your network around the world.

Reach out to the most competent & passionate mentors, the right mentoring relationship can be a powerful tool for professional growth.

Advance your career with additional credentials or degrees, members will have access to all career services. This includes individual career coaching and attendance at career programs including Career Expos and Career Treks.

Get help from the experts and renewed perspective on your career goals.Let a coach help you make the most of your career, our coach can help you identify what you need to do to get the job you want—and succeed wherever you go.

Attend Events to expand your network,Forge hosts events throughout the year providing members with opportunities to network with fellow graduates/experts. These events range from careers focused workshops, seminars organized in partnership with the Careers Service and Entrepreneurship funding.

Discounts on selected college/corporate associate events and range of savings on Trainings, Coachings and Consultancy services from our selected associates and partners

We aim to keep you informed about the opportunities through our website and publications including our annual alumni magazine Edit and our monthly email newsletter.

Membership Plans




  • News
  • Letter
  • Member Discounts
  • Career Support


INR 1899/-


  • Member Discounts
  • Higher Education Support
  • Personal Career Coach
  • Entrepreneurial Support


INR 2499/-


  • Career Advising
  • Professional Network
  • Networking Events
  • Recruiting Events
  • Top Career Resources
  • Funding Support

Our Advisors

Advisory Board helps students and alumni in progressing their careers faster by providing provocative insights, actionable strategies, and practical tools to support execution. With more than industry experience, a team of over 25+ experts, and a network from nearly every organization, we spend more time researching the now and predicting the next than anyone else in the industry. We know that together we can change the future of every individual for the better tomorrow.

Gayathri Kothapalli

Business Analyst

Vijay Renikuntla


ankit shahu

software engineer


Moved to a new level of professionalism by enhancing my skills on relationships, responsibility, time management and leadership skils with various activites carried out by Forge. I am confident this foundation provided by Forge will take me to new heights in my career.

Tejaswini Jadhav NIT Warangal,India

Exciting moments with Forge on workshops and events, the technical details and career support at sessions were remarkable.Not only myself, other members got this platform to hear talks for sucessful future.

Sahitya Sanagapati Charles Sturt University, Melbourne, Australia

I have been privileged to be part of Forge for 8 years, and the opportunity to share my knowledge, experiences, and stories is personally rewarding. I want to make the members to understand the career journey that not only leads them to new heights and experiences but encourages lifelong learning.”

Mustafa Mohammad Hochschule Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences, Germany


We are interested in the role that Forge has played in the lives of students and we publish their profiles that explore experiences, trace career paths and impart wisdom.
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KK Teja Chintakayala
New Jersey, USA
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Soumya Devarakonda
British Columbia,Canada
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Deepak Madabhushi
Hyderabad, India
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Sahithya Sanagapati
Melbourne, Australia

Our Headquarters

8th Floor, Umiya Business Bay No.2
ORR Cessna Business Park ORR,Bengaluru 560103
Phone: (+91) 917 755 6374
Email: info@forgealumnus.com